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ViewCompanion Premium 8

Note: The latest version will always include all previous fixes and improvements

Version What's New Released
8.01 Minor update.
New Features:
1ViewCompanion can now create PDF files with a maximium extent of 60x60 meters.
2A new option was added to toggle use of defined paper size in DWF files (Options->Formats->Other).

Bug Fixes:

594Selecting several hundred files in Explorer, and then pressing right-click may cause a crash.
This crash was caused by the ViewCompanion Shell Extension and is now fixed.
593Command line parameter /ro didn't work when converting files using command line.
592DWF files from customer were not displayed.
59132-bit images become black when rotated.




8.00 Major release.
New Features:
1Added support for viewing, printing and converting AutoDesk DWF and DWFx file format.
2Added support exporting to GIF files.
3A new Shell Extension is available for easy access to conversion and other functions from inside Windows Explorer.
4A new vector layer dialog has been added to control DWF layer visibility.
5The file association dialog has been improved.
6The active printer can now be changed inside print preview.
7Printer page options like scaling can now be changed inside print preview.
8A new option for disabling the splash screen during startup is available (tools->options->advanced).
9A new copy active view to clipboard command was added.
10ViewCompanion can now create layered PDF files.
11This update is fully compatible with Windows 8.1, in addition to Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7 and 8, both 32- and 64-bit editions.

New Markup Features:

1A new option for storing/restoring active view to/from markup file was added.

Bug Fixes:

590Raster information in file from customer turned black after rotation.
588HPGL/2 file from customer failed to open.




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