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Plotting and Printing

Advanced printing options available in ViewCompanion

Software Companions - HPGL and Gerber Viewers

ViewCompanion provides advanced printing options. These options include batch printing, watermark/banner, header/footer settings and poster mode. Both header and footer text are fully customizable and you can include information as user name, date, filename and more. Each header and footer can have up to 3 text lines. For watermark/banner you can change rotation, font and text color. You can also control whether the watermark should be under or on top of the drawing. External image files (e.g. JPG) can be used as a watermark instead of text.

Click to see bigger image The picture to the right shows a print preview of a drawing in ViewCompanion. In the preview you can see a watermark with the text "Uncontrolled Copy", as well as header and footer with additional information.
The poster mode is particularly useful if you need to print large format drawings in full size on an ordinary printer with e.g. A4/Letter sized paper. A large format drawing can be printed on multiple, e.g.: letter or A4 sheets.
The batch mode printing allows you to print a group of drawings in sequence.

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