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Compare Drawings

Compare your drawings using ViewCompanion

Comparing drawings manually can be tedious work. No longer spend hours trying to find differences between drawing revisions, use ViewCompanion instead to instantly show you the differences.
The compare feature in ViewCompanion is very easy to use, just load the main drawing, this could be the most recent revision, and then select the file of an older revision you want to compare with.
After both files are loaded, ViewCompanion will display all information that is equal in both drawings as black. Information that has been deleted will be displayed as red color, and new additions are displayed using blue color.

Manual plot compare is tedious work

The picture below illustrates how drawing compare works in ViewCompanion:

ViewCompanion plot compare
The files used in this example is included in the ViewCompanion installation.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
Both 32- and 64-bit.

ViewCompanion is available in three different editions: Standard, Pro and Premium.
The compare feature is available in all editions.
Please see the product description for more information about a specific edition:

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A ViewCompanion family comparison chart is available here:
ViewCompanion Family Comparison Chart

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